Raza Graduation de UC Irvine



Contact Information

2017 Raza Graduation Co-Chairs:
Daisy Cruz, Armando Garcia, & Martha Ramos.

Email: uci.razagraduation@gmail.com

Meetings Spring Quarter:
Time: 7 pm to 8 pm
Days: Mondays
Location: SOAR Center

  • You are required to send Sponsorship Letters to 3 businesses/people * (letter can be found on the website).
    • You will be required to show some kind of proof that you have sent out the letters.
    • Please read the Instructions before sending the letters. Failure to follow the instructions can result in businesses/individuals from being repeated. If a businesses/individuals are repeated, neither graduate will receive credit for sending the letter.
    • A template of the sponsorship letter can be found by following the link. https://ucirazagrad.wordpress.com/sponsorship-letter
  • You are required to attend or participate in 1 ON-Campus fundraiser.
    • You will be given 4 opportunities to complete this requirement. 2 Winter Quarter and 2 Spring Quarter.
  • You are required to attend 3 OFF-Campus fundraisers.
    • You will be given 6 opportunities to complete this requirement. 3 Winter Quarter and 3 Spring Quarter.
      ****Refer to the EVENTS tab above for all Fundraiser dates.
  • Upon accepted, the Fee of $100 must be paid to Andrea at the SOAR Center Office by Friday, April 28th (Week 4 of Spring Quarter) before 5 pm. ** (CASH ONLY; be sure to bring in the correct amount of money in a labeled envelope with your full name to the SOAR Center Office; Please note that they will NOT provide any change).
  • You are required to schedule and attend a PHOTO SESSION for self-portrait that will be added to the program.
    • Potential schedules will become available sometime Spring quarter.
    • If you are planning on studying abroad Spring Quarter, you are responsible for scheduling your photo session during Winter Quarter. Please email uci.razagraduation@gmail.com to inform us to accommodate for you.
  • You are required to attend a Scheduled Rehearsal. [TIME AND LOCATION TBA].