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Contact Information

2017 Raza Graduation Co-Chairs:
Daisy Cruz, Armando Garcia, & Martha Ramos.

Email: uci.razagraduation@gmail.com

Meetings Spring Quarter:
Time: 7 pm to 8 pm
Days: Mondays
Location: SOAR Center


What is Raza Grad?

Every year a group of students, majority seniors, get together to plan what is known as the annual Raza Graduation ceremony. Raza Graduation is a festive and culturally based celebration that highlights the achievements of Chican@/Latin@ graduating students. The majority of the celebration is bilingual (English/Spanish). Students are given the opportunity to acknowledge  their families, friends, and other people that have helped them.

What does it mean to help/support at a fundraiser?

During the Winter and Spring Quarter we are asking all applicants to help with 4 fundraisers. They will be OFF and ON campus. Remember that this is MANDATORY to participate.

On-Campus fundraisers entail that you help the night before or morning of with preparations, Help Set Up, Help Clean Up, Can provide transportation (if needed) to pick up/buy supplies for fundraiser(s), help at the fundraiser for a minimum of one hour, and/or buy what is being sold.

Off-Campus fundraisers entails that you PURCHASE something at the location and if possible take other people with you.

*Sign Up Sheets will be available at the venue. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY THAT YOUR ATTENDANCE IS RECORDED.

*Visit our “Events” page on the website for upcoming fundraisers. We will be updating the page as we get more dates/details.

I missed a fundraiser, is there any way I can make it up?

Yes, if you were not able to attend the required number of fundraisers before the deadline, you may pay an additional fee to compensate for not being able to fulfill the requirement.

For every missed OFF-Campus fundraiser you would have to pay $10. For example, if for some reason you happen to miss attending the required 3, than you would have to pay $30.

For missing the ON-Campus fundraiser you would have to pay $5.

How many guest tickets will I be receiving?

6 tickets per student (Tentative)

I have large family and everyone wants to come, may I get extra tickets?

Send us an e-mail letting us know how many extra tickets you would need. We will notify you if extra tickets are available for sale.

What is included in my $100.00 fee?

Raza Grad Stole
Guest Tickets (6 per participant, tentative)
And of course everything else that comes with the celebration which includes: entertainment, key note speaker, familia, love, food and much more!

*Please go to:https://ucirazagrad.wordpress.com/budget/ to see a detailed budget of the ceremony’s expenses.

When is the application due?

Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 11:59pm

Can anyone help plan the event?

YES! The planning committee consists of students of all grade levels. We encourage students graduating to participate and voice your opinions. We also encourage people that are not graduating to join so that the org Raza Graduation at UCI could always has a foundation to which it can grow. Everyone is welcome and people-power is always needed!

What does it mean if I’m on the wait-list?

If you are on the wait-list do not get discouraged. The wait list is designed so we can work with the school to find a bigger venue that could accommodate for everyone that in interested in being a part of the ceremony. In previews years Pacific Ballroom was the venue of choice and it accommodates for only 90 graduating seniors and there loved ones. However, as the Hispanic population grows at UCI, we are consistently putting in work to find a venue that can meet the demands of the growing population. So please encourage your friends to fill out the application even if they will get place on the wait list; it will give us a more accurate count of what size venue we should be looking for.